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Why You Need a Family Attorney for a Child Custody Case Urgently

You need a family lawyer to help you with child custody matters because they are complicated. As a non-current you can get third-party custody of the child. The law recognizes non-parents as immediate relatives like uncles and aunts, family friend or grandparent of the child. You need a family attorney for a child custody case urgently because of these reasons.

The child is allowed to choose from either parent or non-parent to stay with if he or she is of age to make that decision. The court decides for the child who is too young to make sound decisions but when the child grows old enough to decide the parent or non-parent to stay with changes are granted. You need a family attorney if a child is too young to decide who he or she will stay with.

The court will also consider your preferences as a parent or non-parent, but that does not mean that it will grant you all. When co-parenting may not be the best solution for you, the court will consider many other factors before it arrives at a decision. The parent reject child support from the ex or want more from the ex, but the court has to determine other factors and the rights of the ex to make a decision. You need a family activity and use the court to grant you your wishes.

The court requires you to prove that you have a quality relationship with a child. When the non-parent or parent harms the child, exposes the child to danger or neglects the basic needs of the child, another non-parent or the other parent can go to court and seek custody of the kid.

You should get a report from the physician to prove that you are mentally and physically healthy to raise the child. The child will need to be provided for; hence the court needs you to be healthy both mentally and physically.

You should prove to the court that you will not stand in the way of the relationship between your child and your ex or either parent if you are a non-parent. Take precautions by hiring a family lawyer if the recent past your relationship with your ex or the non-parent has not been good because that can ruin your Image before the court and limit your chances of getting child custody.

The decision of the court will base on the percentage that each parent has been contributing towards raising the child and their consistency. A family attorney is your best shot towards getting child custody if you have not been contributing so much towards the upbringing of a child, but you were capable because you need a second chance to change into a better parent.

You should be living in an environment that is conducive for raising a child. The child custody evaluation that is a bit before the court may have facts, but you need a good lawyer to back up the facts and convince the court that the environment you live in is suitable for raising the child.

You should have enough space in your home to accommodate the child for you to be granted custody. You should have a room for the child or children. Do not assume that it is easy to prove in court that you have enough rooms for the kid because the lawyer of the other party will try so hard to disprove that hence hire your own family attorney.

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