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Steps Involved In A Criminal Case

In America there are many people who originally arrested for criminal cases. If you are arrested and accused of committing a crime then you need to be aware of what lies ahead. Read this article to learn more about what you can expect during in the criminal case.

When you are accused of committing a crime then you will be first arrested. The police officer can arrest if they see you committing a crime, if they have an arrest warrant they can also arrest you and if someone reports that they may have seen you committing a crime can also be arrested. Once you are arrested and taken into custody and the time is pending custody is dependent on the type of crime you have been accused of committing if it is a simple crime then you may be released to be arraigned in court on a later date.

After being taken into custody you can either get bail or you will be required to stay inside the police custody until the process is over. For you to be released on bail your family or friend should pay the full amount and you must promise to appear on the scheduled court date.

After the process of paying bail you are then arraigned in court where you appear before a judge for the first time and the charges made against you’re right before you in front of a judge. When you are arraigned in court and you do not have a lawyer or you cannot afford one you have a lawyer who is provided for you and then they advise you on the place that you can take there will advise you on the plea to take.

A preliminary hearing is done which involves the prosecutor presenting evidence to the judge that the suspect has committed the crime.

The defendant usually takes a plea in the second arraignment it is also similar to the first arrangement have the charges read to the defendant. The defence and prosecution usually decide on the evidence and estimates that will be allowed in the trial during the pre-trial hearing which is usually a formal request to ask the judge to make a ruling to the legal matter in hand.

During the trial the prosecution and the defence usually present the year and the prosecution side needs to present beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of committing the crime. The outcome of the case is usually decided by the judge and jury. If you are in a case where the jury fails to get to a unanimous decision then the judge will rule the case as a mistrial.

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